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Hey! I'm Daniel Seymour. I'm a front end web developer & freelance graphic designer located in Seneca South Carolina, a couple miles outside of Clemson. I'm a husband to a awesome and loving RN wife of 16 years and a proud father of two outstanding boys. I was born in the "backwoods" of Georgia and lived most of my life right here in Seneca, South Carolina. I currently live about a mile from Clemson University. On any given saturday I can hear the bands and roars of Death Valley from my back yard!

Outside of Front end ecommerce development and website design my hobbies are Trout Fishing, White Water Kayaking, Rafting, Hiking, Traveling and Hiking. I absolutely love the Chattooga river. My family are "river rats" as they say. On a hot summer day you can find us loading our raft on the truck and rafting down the Chattooga river or swimming at one of the many local swimming holes. During the winter we mainly trout fish & hike the local mountains.

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How did I become a web developer?

Fresh out of highschool I had a fascination with computers and the internet in general. I found myself hanging out in IRC channels during the late nineties with a deep obsession with "warez". By 2000 I was writing and modifying C# based IRC bots, remote administration tools and helping run 20k user IRC servers like Rizon and ICQnet. Operating file sharing networks and maintaining massive file servers, I started making an "online name" for myself. I eventually decided that my online hobbies didnt end up well and were too hard to monetize so I went back to school. I obtained a AA+, network and office certs in the early 2000's and oddly enough soon found myself working in construction jobs and flipping burgers part time at a local food joint. There simply wasnt a market for web development in Upstate South Caroina.

In the mid 2000's I found myself fixing computers, setting up local networks and doing hardware based computer work for family and friends on the side. Somewhere between now and then I discovered that upstate south carolina was slowly evolving and local businesses were getting web pages to represent their local businesses. I eventually scored a local inhouse "data entry" position. From there I self-taught and honed my modern css, html, jquery and design skills that allowed me to begin offering ecommerce design and development services. Over time I picked up freelance clients and eventually picked up more and more higher end freelance clients. Today I'm currently helping 3 to 4 eCommerce stores at a time. I freelance full time but am open to employment opportunities!

What are my strengths?

Basically anything front end. I love building layouts, landing pages and designing up compelling graphics. Starting with basically nothing, from scratch and coding up 1800 lines of cross browser compatible HTML, CSS & jQuery that forms a massive high conversion landing page is just a awesome experience. I absolutely excel at fluid development, grid layouts and eCommerce store development. Conversion optimizations, on page tweaks and optimizations are also some of my top strengths. I ensure your website will not only looking good on desktop computers but I'll ensure its fluid, adapts to ANY screen and lookings great on 99% of modern internet capable devices.

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