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As of Sept 2016, Any future changes on the Clemson 4 Wheel site differing from the screenshots here are not works of mine.

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South Carolina Automotive Web Design

Clemson 4 Wheel Center is a automotive web design and Magento website in Clemson, South Carolina. I worked with Clemson 4 Wheel for roughly 5 years. They were on a barebones Radiant CPO install and at the time really didnt have a strong web presence.

I built on to their existing Radiant CPO based site for about two years before they decided to upgrade to the Magento SaaS product, MagentoGO. They simply reached the limit of what Radiant CPO was capable of. After 4 months of development on Magento GO, I took the GO site live. We stayed with Magento GO for a year and a half before Magento and Ebay decided to cancel the GO SaaS service. When the word got out that Magento GO was closing down shop, I started on migrating the 5,000+ product catalog data to a Magento CE install. After six months of development, data input and design, We took the current website live in January of 2015. The new Magento CE site is based on a completely fluid and responsive theme, Ultimo. Its a solid built theme, Well documented and without a lot of the bloat that comes with most of the current Magento themes.

See the old versions of the Clemson 4 Wheel Site

Home PageA Clean Automotive Home Page

The home page design opens up with a clean design with lots of white space. A contact phone number is front and center of the header to promote phone calls. The mega menu offers easy navigation of the many categories and drops down to a hero banner and email sign up block. Below the hero block is a easy to follow best-selling navigation and a custom made collapsible category menu.

Web Design Clemson 4 Wheel Seneca SC

Landing Pages block layout for clear navigation

A 12-12 grid block layout on brand landing pages give the pages a clean no-clutter look and direct the visitor exactly to the product category they are looking for. The grids break down fluidly and look great on about any device. This particular page is high traffic and gets a lot of direct visits a day. It has a extremely low bounce rate (15%) with a high CTR.

Web Design Clemson 4 Wheel Seneca SC

Product Pages see the revision of this page below

Most product pages on Clemson 4 Wheel Centers website start with a 3 column layout that transistions to a full width 1 column layout inside of the product tabs. Large progressively encoded product images on the left flow onto a middle column thats populated with a brief short description, selling points & a call to action that stands out. Original content with detailed product descriptions for key products ensures good search engine visibility. Fast page speeds, fully responsive/fluid with a excellent user experience all add up to high conversion rates.

Upstate South Carolina Web Development Product Page

Product Page A/B Test Redesign testing to optimize conversions

A few tweaks and a redesign of the product pages resulted in a 10% bounce reduction and a increase in conversions. We already had pretty large images for the products so I did away with the 3rd column, increase the default image container size (doing away with the need for zoom) and increased the Add to Cart Button along with a few minor template tweaks. It resulted in a lot less clutter and a better user experience.

A/B Testing

Custom Grouped Product Page custom solutions for unique problems

The below custom product page was a unique situation that involved a custom made grouped product template. We have around 30 products that are identical aside from the vehicle fitment. To know the vehicle fitment we needed a simple way to have the fitment table visible with the product selection. Aside from having a expensive custom fitment selection module coded up.. I came up with a solution. Modify a grouped product template and have it Side-X-Side with the product fitment table! With a little bit of php & jQuery I pulled in the simple products short descriptions, images and coded up the showing the fitment details on click. The end product is a custom grouped product that makes finding the right part simple.

Clemson 4 Wheel Center Product Page Web Development

Clemson 4 Wheel Magento Design

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