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Temp Tech sales meal delivery products to health care and food service providers. The site is built around Magento 1.9.

I'll share some of my process for a small basic Magento home page optimization below.

Temp Tech Home Page From mess to a clear path

The site owner stated he wants to break his home page traffic down into two channels. "Meals on Wheels" & "Health Care". The current state of his page has no clear paths. He also stated he has a video about his product he wants front and center. The old home page below.

Clemson Web Design Temp Tech Old Home Page

How do we fix it? Simple!

There are a few ways to go about this. We could setup another store view within Magento, separate domains and channel the traffic as two different stores completely. That's going to require a lot of overhead and redirects etc etc.

The most cost effective route to take is to channel his current site into two main channels. Consolidate his category structures and offerings into two main segments and offer paths for each.

The main goal is to offer a clear path and to funnel home page traffic into one segment or the other. The start to this process is the hero banner. It will popup a video in a on-demand (on-click) lightbox as not to weigh the page down with a iframe.

Below the hero block we will place some heading text which then leads to a split 6-6 grid of two Calls to Actions.

A shot of the hero banner pop up

The deliverables are as follows.

- Remove additional space under and around logo. This will bring up the page fold a little higher. Have a home icon in instead of text.

- Restructure categories into two main segments. That should leave us with the Two menu paths of Meals on Wheels or Health Care.

- A hero banner - Display product video in a lightbox when clicked. The video would auto play on demand. The customer wouldn't leave the page or stray from the path.

- Below the hero block; two additional graphics with clear Call to Actions leading to Meals on Wheels or Health Care.

- Remove the additional banners & "Featured Products", clutter on the home page.

- Inline the footer contact info, Add payment info. Trust etc.

- PSD files, CSS, Scripting files.

Will go from initial consultation, half an hour of communication. To a PSD mockup > new home page being live within 3 working days. =-)

Optimized Temp Tech Home Night & Day

Temp Tech New eCommerce Home Page Redesign