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Real Search Engine Marketing isnt a one time and done thing. Its consistent, its planned and its calculated. It can take weeks to months to have noticable results from SEO efforts. Some tactics to increase your websites SEO have pretty quick results while others take some time to build up steam and show a return. Knowing which search engine marketing steps to take and when to take them and in what order is a huge step in the ranking of your website. Clemson Web Design takes a straight forward approach to SEO. Build from the ground up and with a consistent SEO strategy - you can own your local rankings!

Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Small Business SEO

Starting at $350/month - 2 Month Minimal

Basic monthly SEO package - Great for Small Business

  • On Page Speed Website Optimizations - Up to 7 pages
  • Webmasters/Analytics Setup and Monitoring
  • Local Competition Keyword Research
  • On Page (Up to 7 pages) Heading, Title and Meta Tag Optimization
  • Adwords Campaign Setup & Monitoring
  • On Page Goal Setup
  • Monthly Data Report
  • 1 hour of development work per month (Add new content etc)

Professional SEO

Starting @ $500/month - 2 Month Minimal

Business SEO with a content strategy

  • On Page Speed Website Optimizations
  • Webmasters/Analytics Monitoring
  • Local Competition Keyword & Backlink Research
  • On Page Heading, Title and Meta Tag Optimization
  • Adwords Campaign Setup & Monitoring
  • On Page Goal Setup & Conversion Tracking
  • Bi-Weekly Data Reports
  • One 400 word high keyword rich blog post per month

Startup SEO


Basic On-Page SEO Package for Small Websites, Low Budgets and New Businesses

  • A one time payment package - Great for new websites
  • On Page Speed Website Optimizations - Up to 5 pages
  • Webmasters and Analytics Setup
  • 1 hour local competition keyword research
  • On Page (Up to 5 pages) Heading, Title and Meta Tag Optimization
  • Custom SEO Report and Recommendations
  • 1 Hour of Email, Phone or Skype Consultation.


SEO, like any other marketing venture - starts with a good foundation. That foundation being what you are actually promoting; your website. A fast loading responsive website is a must have before spending any type of money on marketing and SEO. Google, Bing, Yahoo, all the search engines give preference to user friendly quick loading websites. If your website is slow, has unoptimized images, loads excessive request or is broken on specific browsers. That's a huge immediate problem that needs to be address first and foremost.

Before driving traffic to your website or starting any CPC campaign. I'll make sure your main landing pages are optimized. I'll make sure they are loading quickly and have the best possible chance to convert visitors into clients and new customers. From optimizing images, combining assets, tweaking CSS and browser testing. What good is driving traffic to your website if a user just clicks the back button or closes the window?

The concept of foundation first SEO is very basic. We can drive traffic to your website all day via paid and organic methods. If your website is a bad experience for your visitors then all of that traffic effort is in vain. The key to converting traffic is having a well built professionally designed website that can convert that traffic into calls, contact and sales.

Is your website in a state of disarray? If your website needs development and design work - head over to my responsive web design page. See why Clemson Web Design offers the best web design services in upstate South Carolina. See my work, the results and professional websites I build then give me a call.


Adwords & CPC

Organic SEO combined with cost per click and paid search engine marketing goes hand and hand. In markets where competition is fierce - it can be an uphill battle to rank against companies with larger budgets and long term SEO strategies. The first page of Google's search results are only so big! Thats where CPC and Adwords comes in. You can bid for keywords and place targeted Ads to your website on the front page of Google and other search engines. Set daily budgets and the cost per each click. You can even retarget people who have previously visited your website but left without reaching your goals. If you sell a service or product that results in a substantial profit for your business. CPC and Adwords advertising can literally pay for itself with just one or two conversions a month!

Clemson Web Design's SEO Services include Adwords setup and conversion monitoring. I'll research your keywords, tailor your Ads and budget to reach the best return on your marketing investment. There's no hidden fees, No snake oil lingo. Just straight forward advice with data driven results that you can see.

Clemson Web Design has been helping businesses in the Anderson, Greenville, Greer and Seneca upstate south carolina areas grow their business online for almost 7 years. I offer real world proven results that you can see. You won't find any fancy marketing terms or sales pitches from me. I'm not a marketing sales guys thats trying to sell you snake oil - I'm a web developer! Review my work, my clients and give me a call. See why I'm the best web designer and website guy in South Carolina!