Are you a small business that needs a professional built website but can't afford the initial upfront cost of development? The truth is that professionally built websites are time consuming, in-depth and expensive. At Clemson Web Design. I believe that every small business should have the opportunity to compete and grow using the power of the internet. That’s why I’ve rolled out a plan for local small business that I call Turnkey Managed Websites. My Turnkey Managed Web Design solution is targeted at small local businesses and startups that need a fully managed professional website. You bring your content, your brand, and I’ll deliver a complete professional online website for an affordable monthly fee of $199.


  • Complete website solution built on WordPress.
  • Mobile friendly, modern and future-proof.
  • Up to 10GB of file storage.
  • Free SSL (Secure HTTPS Connection) with Let's Encrypt
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools.
  • SEO Optimized and Search Engine Friendly.
  • Weekly Website Backups & Platform Updates.
  • Three Business Email Accounts Included
  • 1 Hour of Development Time each month.
  • Up to 5 pages, additional pages available.
  • Contact forms, Calendars, Embedded Maps, Photo Galleries
  • 12 Month Renewal or Take Ownership
  • After 12 months, 100% ownership of your website.
  • After 12 months, Fully managed hosting @ $99 a month.

Managed Turnkey Website Solutions


You can own a professionally designed, fully managed WordPress website while retaining full ownership for $199 down and $199 a month. After 12 months, you can either re-sign/renew your managed hosting contract with Clemson Web Design or you can walk away, take over the website hosting, maintenance and retain 100% ownership of your website. It’s that simple.

Turnkey Managed Websites


A managed website is when Clemson Web Design takes care of the design, development, operation and maintenance of your website, so that you don't have to. This is all included in a affordable 12 month fee structure. After 12 months. You also completely own your website! No strings attached.

Turnkey managed websites include a professionally built website. Included is website hosting and maintenance. I also include management of up to 3 email accounts and 1 hour of development time each month. I handle all aspects of your website. Domain names are NOT included.

Think of Turnkey managed websites like a website loan with a 12 month payment plan. The initial upfront cost is a $199 down payment and a $199 a month fee for 12 months. This covers the initial hosting, design and development, as well as the overhead of your website. After 12 months, managed hosting cost $99 per month.

Each managed website includes 1 hour of monthly development time. This time can be spent on adding new content, changing text, changing out pictures etc. Your site will never go stale, will always be growing, never fall behind on security updates and always be up to date with your business!

Each website includes 10GB of SSD hard drive space. Space is the only hard limit on hosting and is shared between the website and email accounts. The hosting servers are located in Detroit MI and Miami FL. Built for speed and optimized. Turnkey managed websites are fast loading and well built.

After 12 months, you will have paid off the development/design cost of the website and you gain 100% ownership of your website. If you choose, you can take over the hosting and website management. Your website is 100% completely yours. I dont lock you into hosting or outrageous monthly fees past the 12 month commitment. You can download your website, do with it as you wish and transfer it to any hosting provider you choose. The fee for Clemson Web Design to manage your website after 12 months is $99 a month. The same level of website management and 1 hour of development time is included with the $99 fee.

Turnkey managed websites are convenient, economical and make sense for small businesses who want a web presence but not the initial overhead cost and time investment. I'll build and manage your website so you can focus on building your business! Where else can you get a professionally built fast loading website for $199 a month? No where!

WordPress is a perfect CMS for most small business websites. Its open source, scalable and future proof. In the right hands, the platform is modern and capable. Every WordPress website built by Clemson Web Design is optimized for speed and setup to be a security-hardened platform.


Turnkey managed websites are semi-custom websites built on the open source platform WordPress. The managed WordPress websites feature up to 10gb of hosting storage with up to five professionally designed website pages. These pages can include a contact form, photo galleries, Google Maps or any content you can imagine. Turnkey managed websites also include up to 3 business email accounts.

Fully SEO optimized and built for fast loading times. Managed WordPress websites are maintenance free for the entire time you are subscribed (12 months renewal) and I even include 1 hour of development time and support per month. This hour of development/support time can we used to update content, your blog, pictures etc, or even add new features to your website.

Managed Website Advantages

  • Low initial investment - Affordable monthly payments
  • Full ownership in 12 months
  • You worry about your business - We take care of your website!
  • Fast hosting and secure backups with Nexcess Hosting.
  • Secure HTTPS web browsing
  • SEO Optimized - Built for good visibility!

Simple Build Process

  • Initial Consult to make sure we are a good fit.
  • Send us your content, logos, image and branding.
  • Down payment of $199 & the first months $199 fee.
  • Design consultation - We choose a layout for your website.
  • Allow 3 to 5 weeks for website development.
  • Thats it!


Turnkey managed websites provide great value for local Greenville SC businesses. A low monthly entry fee gets your Greenville business a professionally designed website. Managed websites are modern, professionally designed, fast loading and make it easier to rank higher on search engines against your local Greenville competition. Perfect for any local small business that needs an affordable website solution. A professional yet affordable website that can grow with your business and serve as a online marketing front for your ventures. Call Daniel today @ Clemson Web Design to see how Turnkey Managed Websites can help your business succeed.

Turnkey managed websites deliver a professional website solution at an affordable price. You don't have to worry about platform updates, security issues, backups or anything server side. I take care of your website so you can take care of your business.

Double Down managed websites

Let's Work Together.