Nothing sells better than great product photography. Clean, elegant and professional photos. Show your products off with the best possible images with the best possible lighting. Clemson Web Design does product photography for Amazon, eBay, publications and small businesses. From clean white backgrounds to staged mockup photos - give your products and website the tools it needs to convert visitors into paying customers.


I offer two types of product photography. Small Product & On-Location. For small product photography Clemson Web Design requires a sample of the product to be photographed. I do all small product photography in-house using my office photography studio.

For larger products and items, I offer on-location shooting. On location shooting means I come to your place of business or what ever surrounding enviroment we think would provide the best backdrop. I come equipped with a mobile lighting studio (power required) and take the pictures on-location. It is your responsibility to have products clean, assembled and in their best presentable condition. I provide a white, black or green backdrop if needed.


The process for small product photography is quite simple. Contact me. Lets discuss your goals. Pack your product up well, Ship your product to me via USPS. I'll unpackage and take photographs of your product in my product photography studio. Once complete, I'll select the best images, process them. Show you watermarked copies. Once approved, I'll invoice you, Send you a link to download your images and ship your product back. Easy!

Step 1: Ship the Product

Package and mail your product to me using USPS to 2012 Ridgeview LN Seneca, SC. For products valued at over $100. Shipping Insurance is highly advised. Return shipping cost will be added to your final invoice.

Step 2: Processing

Lighting/Studio placement and product photography with software retouching/processing usually takes 3 to 7 days. Time frame is dependent on amount of shots needed and work load at the time.

Step 3: Finalizing the Process

Once shooting it complete. I’ll email you watermarked photos for approval. Once approved. I’ll send you the invoice. Once invoice is paid, I’ll send you high quality copies in JPG/NEF/RAW formats vs a download link. I’ll also mail the product back to you via USPS priority mail.


On-location product photography involves me driving out to your place of business or a predetermined location for taking staged photos of your products. This is great for larger products that cant be shipped or that would otherwise require a drive in studio. I’ll provide studio lighting (requires power) and the photography gear, you provide the scene and staging surroundings If shooting outdoors, it is essential to schedule for nice sunny weather.

Step 1: Scheduling

Schedule a place and time. If shooting outdoors, its essential to choose a nice weather day. I dont shoot in rain. If shooting indoors. Please ensure the area is safe, clean and has power for studio lights.

Step 2: Shooting

Normally I schedule 2 hours for on location shooting. Please keep people and outside distractions to a minimum. After shooting. I'll verify images before I leave and do the post-processing in my office.

Step 3: Post Processing

Processing usually takes 7 o 14 days. After images are processed, I'll send you watermarked samples of the images with a final invoice. Once payment clears. You will receive a link to download your image files in JPG/NEF/RAW format.

Represent your brand with
professional quality photography


Product photography with basic white background and post processing is $35 per final image. So if you need 5 different views of your product. The overall cost would be $175 + Shipping. Reflective, Life Staging and more advance product photography rates start at $55 per photo.


On location pricing starts with a $175 2 hour block and travel fee. Per photo price is $10 per processed image. So for example, An on location shoot would be $175 and you wanted 8 photos of your product. Final cost would be $175+$10x$8= $255.