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Clemson Web Design manages and delivers omnichannel marketing campaigns across search engines and social media platforms that help small business reach their marketing goals. I offer my marketing services to local businesses in the Anderson SC and Greenville SC area.

Marketing and web design go hand and hand. You can’t have one without the other. Being a website developer - my main focus is on Search Engine Marketing and driving traffic to the websites I build. I approach digital marketing the same way I approach web design - from the ground up.

Search Engine Marketing

Why Clemson Web Design for Marketing? A ground up approach. I’m a web developer and web designer. I’ve experienced marketing ventures first hand - From the first inception of a website all the way to operating monthly advertising budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars. I know what works and I know what doesn't. Most people selling digital marketing just know how to manage your budget - they have no real world experience of real web site design and development. Clemson Web Design takes into account your entire digital presence, correcting any weak links to avoid costly marketing mistakes. Clemson Web Design builds a marketing strategy that works. From the ground up.

Today's digital marketing is complex. Gone are the days of blindly building backlinks and keyword stuffing your content. Todays search engines are smart. The techniques used to rank your website in the past are no longer relevant. In fact. Using old SEM techniques today will get your website penalized!

When you have a solid content strategy, a well built website and stellar on page SEO, it’s time to think about Marketing. Clemson Web Designs Marketing Strategy is about building your website authority, website quality, social signals, it's about getting traffic and funneling that traffic into conversions. It’s a multi-layered process that ensures your advertising dollars provide a return and any marketing budgets provide a positive outcome for your business.

If your website is well built, optimized and ready to turn traffic into customers. Keep scrolling! If not. Click below to check out my basic website SEO and optimization services.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is advertising and strategy that drives paid traffic to your website. It’s important to seperate that from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which normally refers to the on-page optimization of your physical website and content.

Search Engine Marketing drives what is normally paid-for traffic to your website where as SEO is related to the optimization of your website for best results on organic search engine results.

Successful Search Engine Marketing campaigns start after your website, on page SEO and branding is well established. Thats why its important to have a fast loading professionally built website. If you spend advertising dollars driving traffic to a poorly built website then you're already facing an uphill battle.

Marketing can get you traffic but its up to your website to convert that traffic into sales and contacts. That’s why the first step to search engine marketing is ensuring you have the website and basic SEO foundation that justifies the investment.

Marketing Clemson Web Design


Google Display Network | Adwords Marketing

Googles bread and butter pay-for-click advertising. Adwords is the usual go to for first line traffic. Put simply - Adwords allows you to drive traffic to your website. Traffic that cost you per click. A basic use example is you can pay to put your website link on the first page of Google results for specific keywords - above the organic results. How it works is you create a ad, you select who is targeted by this ad. You select which keywords trigger this Ad and you choose how much you are willing to pay for traffic from this Ads click.

Googles ad network also allows you to target 3rd party websites and media spots on a variety of websites in Google’s Adsense Networks. These Ads can be graphical banners, animated gifs and even videos. The range of content allows for diversity and Google’s Adsense Network partners offer a very targeted approach to whom you can market to.

As example, If you sell car parts online - Googles Adsense network gives you the ability to target website visitors on online car forums, discussion boards or blogs. It even gives you the ability to target traffic from news websites, 3rd party publishes and even target Youtube with video advertisements.

Google Search Engine Marketing

Retargeting Marketing

Retargeting is the online advertising strategy aimed at users who have already visited your site. As in - Retargeting Marketing specifically targets people who have come to your website and for whatever reason, left. Retargeting is fundamentally different from other marketing techniques because the people you are targeting already know about your business. In theory - getting return customers is substantially easier than gaining new customers. Retargeting helps get your customers back, helps drive more sales and is a viable marketing strategy.

Bing Ads Marketing

Bings search engine marketing is a lot like Googles Adwords Marketing except it applies to Microsofts search engine results and the Bing network of marketing sites. The reach of Bings ad networks aren't as vast as Googles but the competition is lower, the bidding is easier on your pocket. These trade offs make Bing Ads Marketing a viable choice to Adwords. The cost are lower but if you can optimize your marketing efforts - the impact can equal that of Googles marketing network for less overhead cost.

Bing Microsoft Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also a great way to reach potential customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest and Twitter offer a affordable way to reach beyond your following. From graphical Ads to text and video. Social media sites allow a cost per click approach similar to that of Bing and Google. You can target specific locations, demographics and age groups. If you have a large Social Media following, Social Media Marketing can be a sure fire way to jumpstart your website traffic and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Email remains a top marketing platform for bloggers and eCommerce stores. Clemson Web Design can automate your email, build compelling email marketing templates and help you get your email marketing on track. Experience using platforms MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, Hubspot and Springbot ensures you choose the right platform at the right price.

Anderson SC Email Marketing

Adsense Marketing Network

Looking to monetize your own website? Welcome to Adsense. Adsense is Googles marketing network of websites. If you own a high traffic website. Adsense allows you to manage Google Ads space on your own website. As in, you can get paid to show Adwords advertisements on your own website. Google Adsense removes the heavy lifting and burden of wide network digital marketing. If you want to monetize your website and marketing efforts. Google Adsense is the go-to network. Clemson Web Design has experience with Adsense and Affiliate marketing programs.


No matter your marketing budget or level of business. Clemson Web Design has over 7 years of professional digital marketing experience to help you drive traffic to your website. I've helped market small Anderson SC businesses and I've helped multimillion dollar eCommerce companies optimize their conversions. Check out my reviews, my portfolio and give me a call. Phone and email consultations are absolutely free!

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