Upstate SC Home Contractors – Get Ahead!

Optimizing SEO (Search engine optimization) can be a powerful tool for any upstate South Carolina contractor or residential home builder with a website. As the best contractor website designer in Upstate South Carolina. I thought I would share some great SEO tips!

A lot of local builders stop at having a website and get back to their daily routines – thinking having a nice looking website is all they need. What they may not realize is the housing market in upstate South Carolina is booming and with that boom, every established contractor is trying to use local searches to his advantage. This means more competition and the harder a contractor has to try to get ranked on Google.

The home builders that come out on top realize that on-going SEO can provide many additional opportunities to put your services and company in front of potential home buyers.

While some local home builders stop with strongly targeted keywords like “Lake Keowee Custom Home Builder” or “Residential Contractor in Upstate South Carolina”. That’s a mistake and a shortcoming with their digital efforts. There are entire submarkets in contracting that can get your custom home building website and business found online!

To expand the online reach of your construction business and maximize the potential of your website, you need to consider what potential home buyers are searching for online. You need relevant content and targeted keywords to get your construction website ranking for these keywords. In other words. if someone in Greenville SC is searching for “Custom built kitchens” You need to let search engines know that your local contracting website and construction business is relevant and needs to show up in the search results.

Seneca Anderson Clemson SC Home Builders SEO

Home Builders Website Content.

Creating targeted content is one of the most difficult challenges of getting your website to rank in the search engines. Most independent contractors and custom home builders don’t have the time to sit down and write monthly articles about their business and experience. People get busy and clients always come first. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and let your website fall to the edge of the plate. I totally get it!

There are ways around these hurdles tho. The obvious first choice is to hire professional writers to write home builder related content for you. Give the writers a brief overview, be available for questions and pay them to write articles for you.

Another option is to have an employee or family member, someone with knowledge of the residential construction business to write your articles. Say for example you just completed a custom built home. You can go in, take nice pictures of the work, the kitchen, bathrooms etc and have one of your employees write a 500-word article on the build process and all that was involved in the process of building the custom home. A few articles like that would definitely bring some additional exposure to your contractor website.

Maximize your Contractors Website Potential.

It’s important to try and reach out to a broad array of search terms. There’s a million possible questions and keywords that could bring a potential client to your home builders website. Put yourself in a homebuyers mind frame. What else would a home buyer Google search for (other than the typical terms aka “Home Builder in Seneca SC”) and what could lead them to your construction website?

Trying to focus some articles and content on your website with ideas like

  • Custom Home financing.
  • The custom home building process
  • The moving process
  • Local Realtors
  • The local lakes (Keowee, Hartwell, Jocasee, Mountain Rest Lake) and other area attractions
  • Target specific areas of the home building like Custom Kitchens, Custom Garages, Custom Decks etc.
  • Green energy, solar panels, Custom built “Green Homes”
  • Home repair and improvement projects.

Simply writing a short article every month about custom home building related work will give your construction website a SEO boost and get your website more impressions. So when you’re not building those houses and running errands. Take a time out, grab a pencil and just write about your day and the beautiful home you just built. Get a blog up and running on your website and put your thoughts online. It will go a long way!

You likely spent a lot of money getting your home builders website built. Make sure you use to it to its maximum potential. The internet never sleeps and your website, next to word of mouth, is probably the best advertising tool an upstate sc home contractor has.

Get Online Reviews and Feedback

Contractors rely on experience, trust and the reassurance that they know what they are doing to get the next job. Getting online reviews on Google Business, Yelp and social media sites like Facebook can go a long way in convincing potential clients to call you. I’d highly recommend asking past clients to leave you a Google review and to detail their experience working with you and your contracting business. Online reviews build trust and are a proven way to increase your exposure to possible clients.

Tweak your Meta Titles and Descriptions

Home builders are a very local and geo targetted market. If you have generic Meta titles and descriptions its important to optimize them for local reach. As in. Say I have a page that details the services I offer to local home builders. The default meta title I have is “Web Design for Contractors”. A title like that is generic and has probably been repeated a million times over on other web designers sites.

The key is to target local searches. To let search engines know the area I am trying to target. Let’s say I want to target home contractors specifically in upstate South Carolina. Changing my pages meta title to “Web Design for Upstate SC Contractors” or I could even narrow it down to a more town targetted approach by using something like “Seneca SC Home Builder Web Design”. That would rank and target my page for a more localized search and likely reach more local internet searchers.

Clemson Web Design Knows Home Construction.

If you need some assistance building and promoting your custom home builder website – give me a call. I worked in the residential construction business for over 10 years with my in-law custom home contractors in the Seneca, Clemson, Pickens area in Upstate South Carolina. I worked on some major home building projects and million dollar homes on Lake Keowee and all over the upstate. I took part in almost every aspect of the building process. From digging footers, laying foundations, framing houses to installing hardwood floors, tile, and landscaping.

In that time I gained a trove of knowledge that gives me an edge over other local web designers. Not only do I know how to build great looking contractor websites but I have an intricate knowledge of the business! If you’re a Seneca or Clemson based home contractor in need of a website. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I build quality contractor websites to showcase your homes and I build websites that work!