I recently did a landing page for one of my local Greenville SC clients, Tidewater Lumber. Tidewaters site is on Volusion so custom development isnt exactly easy or streamlined. Volusion is a slighty dated SaaS platform and it’s pretty strict when it comes to back-end changes and the template system isnt the easiest to work with. The traditional layout of the category landing was pretty basic. Nothing fancy at all. If anything. Slightly incomplete. Just a simple paragraph up top with a simple hero banner, followed by a list of products.

We wanted to step things up a little and just see what would happened with the organic SERPS, impressions and user experience if we put a little more time into the design and content of a category landing page. Louis with Tidewater provided me with some great images of work that was done with his lumber products. The high quality images provided a great base for his very detailed and descriptive text.

I put it all together in a ‘Lookbook’ type layout and coded it up (HTML, CSS) fluidly via Volusions admin panel. The design is based on a bootstrap grid layout so it breaks down pretty nice on mobile. The mobile version is slightly diffrent from the desktop one. On mobile devices – the heading hero text drops down below the image and the section with the trust, shipping icons hides completely. The reasoning for this is to reduce scrolling on mobile devices as the icons stacked up and made for a pretty long scroll.

I recorded most of the development via Shadowplay, so here it is =-)