I picked up a Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard last week from Newegg.com and just wanted to do a quick review. After using a MK320 Logitech Wireless keyboard for over a year. I wanted to try out a mechanical keyboard. After days of reading about the different brands and options of mechanical keyboards. I chose the Corsair K70 RGB.

Why Cosair K70?

I compared different keyboards from Razer, Logitech, Gigabyte and quite a few other brands. They all shared similar features, the same keys and the same lighting options. When it came down to it. I had to decide between the Corsair K70 or the Corsair STRAFE. Both can be had for under $130 but they have some pretty big differences. What made the corsair k70 keyboard stand out for me was the aluminum body and the dedicated media and volume controls on the upper right side. By aluminum body, I mean metal. As in built to last. The Corsair K70 weighs a good 3 or 4 pounds and it just feels extremely sturdy. Like it was built to last for 10 years. All of the other keyboards I read about had plastic bodies and when it comes down to it. Metal beats plastic in durability any day of the week! The K70 also has dedicated media controls where the STRAFE only has function keys.

Corsair MX Brown Switches

The most important part of the keyboard. The MX Brown switches! Being my first mechanical keyboard I spent a couple of hours on Youtube and reading about the different types of switches. When you type hundreds to thousands of words a day – it really does matter. You want a keyboard that’s comfortable, sleek and easy to type on. The Cherry MX keys seemed to great for gaming but dont really provide a good click or feed back on keypress. As in. They aren’t great for typing.

The MX Blues looked to provide the best typing experience but the clicking…My god, the clicking of each and every key press seems loud! Loud as in you can here someone type from 2 rooms over! I didn’t want to risk that on a 100+ dollar keyboard so I took the middle ground.

MX Brown. The MX brown key switches offer a slight tension on key press and have a light click sound that you would expect from a mechanical keyboard. Its noticeable but not to the point where it would drive someone crazy in the next room. The keystrokes are precise, the action is smooth and the keyboard is a absolute dream to type on.

Corsair K70 RGB lighting

Compared to the Corsair STRAFE the Corsair K70’s RGB lighting isn’t quite as bright. The STRAFE has a white back plating under the keys that allows the RGB lights to reflect more and thus, shine a little brighter. Don’t let this fool you tho. The Corsair K70’s lighting is absolutely stunning. Its not a fill-your-room bright but its definitely enough to stand out and see the keys from a good 10 feet away.

Despite what I read. Corsairs CUE software is simple to use and does a great job of controlling the lighting. You can create a completely custom lighting profile for the keyboard or you can download pre-made profiles from the Corsair forums or 3rd party websites. I’m running some profiles from https://lewisgerschwitz.com/corsair.html and props to him, he did a amazing job on setting up his lighting profiles.

Corsair RGB Lighting Clemson Web Design

You can check out Lewis Gerschwitz lighting profiles in the link above or you can download my favorite ones by clicking Corsair-RGB-Lighting-Profiles

Mechanical Keyboards Worth the Price?

I’ve been using the Corsair K70 keyboard for a week. Granted it took a little adjusting to get use. My typing is more accurate. There’s less stress on my hands (once you learn not to slam the keys) and typing in general is just a more pleasant experience when compared to my older/cheaper keyboard. If you type a lot or just want a sweet looking built like a tank keyboard at a decent price while you’re fragging noobs on PUBG. The Corsair K70 is the way to go!