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Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking your website to the top of organic search engine results. It’s an on-going process that includes a variety of factors that search engine algorithms use to give your website its position on their search results for any given search term.

Let's take this very page for example. I own Clemson Web Design and I want you to find me via search engines and know that I specialize in small business SEO. My SEO strategy is to optimize my website, backlink profile and this landing page content to organically rank for the search term “Greenville SC SEO”.

With lots of effort. Hopefully, after months of optimizing my website, my content and becoming the local authority on websites and search engine optimizations. My website and landing page will be coming up on the first page of Google results when potential clients search for “Greenville SC SEO”. I’m guessing that’s exactly how you ended up on this very page!

Greenville SC SEO Search Engine Services

That’s SEO. That’s becoming a digital strategist, a developer, a content strategist, a social marketer and UX designer wrapped up in one complete package. SEO is about optimizing your online profiles and website to reach maximum search engine effectiveness. It’s about having a modern optimized website and using content to drive search engine traffic to your website.



The process of SEO starts off with a website audit. Identify your weak and strong points. If you have analytics already set up then data driven decisions are a must. We can identify your strengths, build off those while we correct any weaknesses. The process is as follows. Each and every business is different. From operating budgets to competition. No two websites are the same. That said, the common approach to SEO does stay pretty consistent.

  1. On Page SEO.
  2. Off Page SEO.
  3. Content Creation.

The first step to ranking your Greenville SC business using SEO is on-page SEO. This step in the process includes on-page optimization. Google and search engines like fast mobile websites. It's imperative that your website is fast loading, optimized and gives an optimal browsing experience. Clemson Web Design helps in this process by testing your website, making sure your site gives the best experience by optimizing your images, reducing the amount of assets required on page load and ensuring your sitemap file and schema mark up is complete.

A key part of successful SEO and driving traffic to your website is having a nice fast loading website. Traffic means nothing if you can't convert that traffic into contacts, conversions and paying customers.

Greenville SC Search Engine Marketing


  1. Reduce Assets: Reduce the amount of scripts, fonts and assets that your website requires users to load. Excessive asset loading and connection request results in a slower website.
  2. Optimize Everything: Optimizing your images using a progressive format or a newer format like webp greatly reduces the overhead load of your website. The same attention should also be applied to your image alt and meta/title tags.
  3. Sitemaps: Create a sitemap - A sitemap is a small text file, a map of your website, that tells search engines where exactly to find your pages and content.
  4. Schema Markup: This is code that's used to tell Google your Business Name, Operating Hours, Reviews and other identifiable branded information. It helps the crawl bots to easily identify key information about your business that's embedded on your website.
  5. Website Structure: Optimize your url structure, ensure your website has a proper flow and makes it as easy as possible for users to navigate and search engines to index.

By reducing your websites load time you reduce your bounce rates, provide a more user friendly experience and search engines give slight preference to websites that use best development practices resulting in a faster loading website. Paired with a correct url structure and optimized schema markup. Your optimized on-page SEO will ensure your website is not holding your other efforts back from reaching your maximum exposure on the search engines. See my front-end On-Page Optimization Guide.


Off Page SEO is how your website fits into the universe of the internet of things. How your website is linked to, linked from, how many signals and links its receiving from other websites on the internet. Basically, how much exposure and impact your website has on the internet. Search engines use a large variety of signals and algorithms to give websites rank in terms of search results. They basically build a profile to give your website a ranking compared to other websites that are trying to rank for the same search terms. Your off-page SEO is a large ranking factor.

Quality Links:

Quality links are from authority sites and are links you get because the linking website has a legitimate reason to link to your website. These are quality authoritative blogs, review sites, publications and peers in your niche. Moz has a great write up on Link Building.

You can also get quality links from major publications by paying for marketing with their articles. Basically, you pay the publisher/media outlet for a spot/advertisement within the content on their website. These come in the form of articles, reviews or even just a quick hyperlink on a relevant article. If you see links to your competitors from Forbes and the like, thats content level marketing.

Anytime you see a local news article about a local product or service, it’s likely this is a paid marketing placement and paid link placement. It’s how publications, news papers, magazines and major publication outlets make money. They sell marketing space. Plain and simple. Its high level marketing on a content level that’s made to appear organic and bias free.

Low Quality Links:

Low quality links pointing to your website can actually hurt your SEO rankings. The internet is riddled with snake-oil salesmen who run Private Blog Networks, which are a network of blogs made by the same person that all link to each other. They use PBNs to give your backlink profile a boost but these links are short lived and low quality. They are easily spotted by eye because of their low effort designs and cookie-cutter articles. Googles constantly updating its algorithms and flagging low quality PBN links which results in the sites using them getting penalized and demoted in the search results.

Local Links & Directories:

Make sure you are verified with Google My Business and NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number.) Local Citation directories. Ensure your business is listed correctly and your information is consistent across NAP sites.

Local directory links are a great place to get exposure for your business and build brand trust. Local Chamber of Commerce directories usually sell placement for a yearly fee while providing links to your site as well as local marketing opportunities. Local news papers have website link placements. Service directories like Yelp and Angies List provide great exposure if you can generate reviews. Local chamber of commerce sites also provide great exposure and do wonders for local SEO. Check out my guide for a great Upstate SC Local SEO Checklist.


With the rise of social media search engines have given search weights to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the like. They use your social media presence and factor it in on their ranking algorithms. The more social media followers you have, the amount of shares you can get are all signals search engines use to factor in your ranking. The more of a social media you have, the higher your authority and trust you’ll receive from search engines.

Getting organic followings on social media can be hard for certain niches. As in, getting people to talk about sink faucets is going to be a lot harder than getting people to talk about skateboards. Some basic strategies to get a social media presence are to promote free give-aways and contest. You can also offer discounts and even paid marketing on social media sites.

Social Media SEO


Building a brand is about building trust. Get customer testimonials every chance you get. Encourage your customers to write you online reviews and to refer others via word of mouth. Use Yelp, Google My Business Reviews and even Facebook Review system to build your local trust and brand authority. Search engines see these reviews and use them to calculate your influence and authority in your niche.

Showcasing customer testimonials on your own website is a great way to instill trust and can easily raise conversion levels. Displaying your testimonials on your own website also ensures you’ll have the reviews for years to come.

SEO Reviews Trust Building



Ever heard the phrase - content is king? It means exactly what it says. The best approach to SEO and ranking your Greenville SC business on search engines is having quality content that reaches the right audience. You can have the fastest, bestest and coolest looking website in the world but if your content is thin, lacking and low effort, you will never rank above quality content competition. Especially in the local Greenville SC area. Local competition is fierce and is growing more every day. That's why it's imperative to have the right SEO for your Greenville SC website.

Having quality content is also the best way to get legit authority backlinks from other websites. If you have content that other websites want their users to know about, they will link to you! From blog post and industry specific forums. You want content that's original, helpful and informative. Content that other people find useful and will organically link to.

Content creation can be challenging in a variety of ways depending on the type of website you are trying to Search Engine Optimize. As in, Ecommerce websites are benefited by having unique detailed product descriptions and service industry websites are benefited by having detailed service pages for each service they offer.

Good website content also includes strong keyword and text signals that let search engines know that your website is relevant for you niche, that you and your website are a local authority in what you offer.

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is a huge part of Greenville SC SEO. You can have quality content but without knowing what your target keywords and target audience are, that great content might not do you much good given the competitive nature of the Greenville SC market. Thats what keyword research is all about. Its about knowing what to write about and what/who to target. For example. Writing an article about "Mens Shoes" isnt going to do you much good if your customers are searching for "Flip-Flops". Stay on topic, stay relevant to what your target audience is searching for and be sure you're targeting the right keywords. Greenville SC local keywords are extremely competitive so expect a good SEO to do their research!

  1. Keyword Landscape - What keywords are users searching for in your industry? Can you capitalize on those keywords?
  2. Branded vs Generic Keywords - How many of the keywords are branded vs. generic? Should you target one or the other? Both?
  3. Keyword Seasonality - Which time of year are users searching for your products compared to when are they searching for just information about your products?
  4. Answered Questions About Niche - What questions are being asked about your keywords and how are they being responded too? Can you utilize the questions/answers for content?
  5. Paid Search vs. Organic Search - Can we utilize paid Search Engine Marketing to cover-up weaknesses in your organic search strategy?
  6. User Intent & Demographics - when a user searches for your keyword, what type of user are they and what questions might they ask after you've answered their first question?
  7. Keyword Funnel Analysis - which keywords are great for making your brand more visible, versus which keywords are great for making transactions? How can you become a trusted brand?

Greenville SEO Keyword Research

On the social media side of things. Content is what generates shares. Its what generates conversations and discussion about your services and products on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Quality content that builds off your targeted keywords and website niche is essential to the building blocks of a well ranking website. If you follow best development practices and have a fast loading, user friendly site. Creating quality content is the fastest most surefire long term solution to organic ranking on Google and other search engines.

There’s a few ways to create content. Organically and in house with the business owners supplying their own content. Outsource the creative writing to 3rd parties that charge per word to write up articles for your niche and business. Clemson Web Design also offers content creation, article write ups and landing page content optimization for select Upstate SC businesses.

It’s important to understand that your content needs to be original and it needs to be written for humans, not search engines. The days of keyword stuffing and doorway pages with low effort content are over. Search engines can spot low effort fake content a mile away! Stay original and stay creative.




SEO is a wide variety of steps taken to ensure your online efforts are giving your business and website maximum exposure. There's no shortcuts using cheap private blog network links and there's no shortcuts from hiring snake oil salesman who guarantee you a first page ranking on Google. SEO is a ground up approach starting from the code that makes up your website all the way to your marketing and content. It all plays a role in how well you’re placed on organic search results. Clemson Web Design will use the same proven strategies we use on our own website. Theres a reason why Clemson Web Design ranks at the top of search engine results for Greenville SC, Anderson SC and Upstate SC Web Design. It's because I know what I'm doing and I know how to execute content strategies to produce long lasting SEO results.

Before proceeding with any SEO venture. Its important to ask yourself a few key questions. Questions that are laid out directly in Googles own SEO guide.

  1. What makes your business content unique and valuable to customers?
  2. Who is your target customer? How do they find your website?
  3. How does your business make money? How can a increased Search Engine Presence help?
  4. What other business channels are you using? Social Media? Traditional Media? PPC?
  5. Who is your competition? What are they doing that you can do better? What's their online strategy?

Search Engine Optimization FAQ

Clemson Web Design can work with almost any SEO budget. The typical Greenville SC small business SEO budget in a low-competitive market can range from $300 to $1200 a month. In more competitive markets, a higher budget is normally needed to rank above your competition.

Every SEO campaign is different because every budget, niche, and market is different. Results vary from client to client. Typical results for most Greenville markets can be seen in the 4 to 6 week range but might not be fully evident for 6 to 12 weeks. SEO is a long game. Persistence pays off and the more analytical data you acquire the more you can tweak your SEO campaign to produce higher returns.

No one can honestly guarantee rankings because no one can control Google. Anyone that promises that kind of guarantee is simply lying. What I can guarantee is that we will use proven white hat SEO techniques to optimize your content, website and online strategy for the best possible outcomes with Googles search algorithms.

Yes. A lot of “seo agencies” use what we call black hat techniques to build cheap, low quality backlinks to boost your sites rankings. These spam techniques give your site a temporary rankings boost but in the long run will get your site penalized and demoted by search engines. Clemson Web Design only uses proven Google approved SEO strategies.


Don’t buy into the false guarantees of these other Greenville SEO agencies. Nothing is guaranteed in SEO. You get out exactly what you put in. Shortcuts with SEO get you demoted, penalized and are a waste of time, money and effort. True white hat techniques are considered low risk SEO. Its a slow process but provides long lasting search engine exposure without the risk of being penalized by search engines.

Clemson Web Design uses straight forward white hat techniques and proven time-proof methods to rank and drive traffic to your website. Online success is pretty simple. Follow Googles own guidelines. Invest in a good functioning website, good content and a strong SEO strategy for proven results. Give Daniel @ Clemson Web Design a call today for a free consultation and SEO website audit. I’ll be glad to see if I can help your business grow.

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