Micro Influencers

Note. This is considered a greyhat SEO technique.

Google uses search engine data from their services for placement of your website in their search results. As visitors click on your website, Google takes note of the following analytics: Average time on site, Bounce Rate, Page views etc.. If a visitor clicks through to your site and bounces, it tells Google your content is not relevant to the keyword the user clicked on to reach your website. When data is compiled about your sites performance over a lot of keywords and period of time, the results of these data algorithms can help determine your ranking.

Your websites keyword and page ranks are constantly being updated according to these metrics. It makes sense that having a strategy to optimize your rankings on your main keywords is vital to search engine rankings. The following SEO strategy could help you rank better for your Google search engine keywords by using Micro Influencers. Just for clarification. This is a grey hat technique, tested on a small scale.

Keyword Research and Tracking

Find what keywords you want to focus on. You should choose keywords that you already rank on as the micro influencer methods we are discussing won’t work unless you are already ranked for the specific keywords. After you figure out what keywords you want to optimize for, do a search for each keyword and figure out what page/s you are ranked on. Take note of your rankings and pages. You will need this information.

Segment Influencers into Keyword groupings

Assign specific influencers a keyword or a group of keywords that you want them to focus on. You’ll need 20+ influencers per ranking keyword. The influencers can search for up to 5 keywords each from their IP address. Use of a VPN can lengthen their search request.

Influencers will need to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Search for the targeted keywords
  • Click through all the results pages until they find your listing
  • Click on your listing – creating a visit.
  • Spend a few minutes on your landing page and then click through to another page
  • Visit at least 4 other pages and spend at least five minutes on the website
  • Leave the website up on the browser without closing it
  • Repeat the process using your other targeted keywords

Spread this process out over a few weeks by utilizing groups of influencers. Time the request at different intervals to make it appear as organic as possible.


In addition to the micro influencing strategy above, you can also use influencers to help build domain authority with other actions:

Article Syndication & Linking

Have your influencers share your blog posts and articles on social media. This will help generate social proof helping send Google the signals that your content is relevant. The amount of influencers and shares will determine the impact this has.

Third Party Article Syndication

If other blogs or websites are writing and linking to you, you can make these links more authoritative. Have some influencers share these articles to build better link authority. Not only will it strengthen the third party website but will send additional authority to your website.

Social Media Authority

Social Media Influencers can build more social authority by following you on social media websites and engaging with your social media content. As you build more influencer based followers, all of your content will generate more engagement. As your social media account authority increases, so will your site authority.

SEO Strategy


Using influencers is a considered a grey hat technique so use these techniques with restraint. In the grand aspect of all things SEO. Corporates and big names have been using influencers and paid marketing to boost their SEO for ages. Along with a balanced SEO approach. You can apply these same techniques for small and medium sized businesses and get exceptional results.