Many professionals in the SEO niche have industry related anxiety from bad experiences. It happens to a lot of us, myself included, because we deal with clients that can file charge-backs at any time, who could unknowingly tank their own rankings and clients who have unrealistic expectations. I’ll go over a few things to ensure you have the best possible outcome and best experience when dealing with SEO specialist.

SEO Anxiety.

Web agencies and SEOs deal with business owners who often don’t know what they’re purchasing in terms of search engine services, which raises a lot of questions if they don’t rank quickly for their search terms. Not only is it stressful but scary because if you don’t set clear expectations, all it takes is one misinformed client to get into the negative!

SEO Goals

The truth is that SEO and ranking a website takes time to do right. This means a client could be paying for 4+ months of work before seeing any returns come their way. SEO work becomes very stressful at the end of each month and each billing period. When it’s time for reports and you haven’t hit Page 1 of Google yet, and now the client is wondering if his investments are paying off.
I’ve listed a few high anxiety points and attempted to clarify on how to reduce complications and meet the expectations you set for your clients.

Expert SEO Specialist Set Real Expectations

No matter who is in charge of your SEO. Its important that they set realistic guidelines and expectations. Some people will try to sell you by saying they can rank you in Google in two weeks or that they can guarantee more phone calls for a set price. The truth is no one but Google can control Google. If your SEO specialist is guaranteeing short term organic search results in a competitive market – its likely snake oil and they are just trying to close the sale. Make sure you are getting realistic expectations and long term goals. Long term consistent effort is what search engine optimization is all about.

SEO Takes Time.

The honest to god truth is that a website SEO campaign takes a long time, and that could scare off a lot of businesses. Search engine markets are different and more competitive niches are just harder to rank in. It’s also challenging to set correct expectations and predict what will happen after 4+ months of consistent work.

Fear of the unknown raises stress levels because there’s no guarantee that backlink placement from last week will topple your entire campaign you’ve been working on for 6+ hours a day.

It’s important to set realistic client expectations and let your clients know that you cant control search engines and despite your best efforts, you can’t accurately predict organic search engine success without hard analytical data.

SEO Results

Setting Deadlines.

You shouldn’t set any hard deadlines because SEO is a venture with an undetermined amount of work. Work that has to be consistent and that needs to be completed before a website gets top rankings.

Sure, we can build “XX” amount of backlinks a month and write “XX” amount of blog post per week, and those are realistic goals to set. The issue comes when clients want to set a deadline to hit #1 for a specific highly competitive keyword within a month. Those types of SEO deadlines are unrealistic, stressful and high anxiety.

In the end. We are optimizing a website, its performance, content and online profile, so that a third party search engine will rank you higher in their system than your competition. If Google or Bing do an algorithm update and it causes your website to drop in the ranking, we just took a step back, and now your deadline is tougher to hit.

Let’s say one of your competitors starts spending more than you on content creation and suddenly jumps above you in SERPS because of high quality content. We have no control over what they do. All we can do is do better, invest more and hope our own efforts will better your competitions! The point is you can’t set hard deadlines when the entire basis for results is mostly dependent on a 3rd party.

Dont Overthink.

There’s been many times when I’m going over a search engine optimization campaign or websites content and think something that’s been recently changed needs to be modified or removed entirely. All that’s really happening is I’m re-evaluating my work and second-guessing myself to the point that I want to start making on the fly changes!

We all do it. It’s important to give content and changes time to work. Content updates are important but patience is the key to judging the effectiveness of change.

SEO Thinking

There’s a lot of SEO specialists that do this, and it will only raise anxiety levels to the point that you may make rash decisions that work against the betterment of your campaign. Stop over-thinking your content and decisions. Give the search engines time to work and reevaluate your work after you have ample time to collect hard data and make informed choices. Again. This all falls back to the point that proper search engine optimization takes time.

Content Equals Results.

I tell my clients to skip the anxiety from all the SEO gimmicks, rank fast schemes and snake-oil terms. SEO and long term success on search engines relies on quality content and products. A consistent effort to produce something that’s helpful and that your customers want.

Whether it be a weekly blog post, informative how-to articles, picture galleries or just simply posting about your day to day activities. If you consistently push out quality content and products, it’s almost a guarantee that your organic rankings will take off.

This is what sets Clemson Web Design apart. I don’t promise rank fast schemes. I can’t guarantee you will rank above your competition next week. I can’t assure you if you spend $500 that you’ll net a 45% return on your investment.

All said. I can guarantee that if you optimize your website, produce quality content and grab the attention of your client base – you’ll get more search impressions, you’ll get more calls, more customer engagement and in return, you’ll get more website traffic and sales!