Best Free SEO Tools to Increase Your Exposure

I was doing a little analytics research in Google Analytics and thought to myself – $99 a month for a premium tool like SEMRush is kind of a high cost for some basic keyword and SEO comparison analysis. Especially true for small eCommerce business owners just trying to get a grasp on their own SEO, keywords and backlink profiles. What … Read More

WordPress Frontend SEO Tweaks & Optimizations

One the easiest overlooked aspects to a WordPress website is the optimization of its frontend assets. I cant count how many times I come across a great looking WordPress based site only to the find the page load times are horrendous. Not only is it bad practice to have a bloated website but its horrible for conversions and makes for … Read More

Volusion Landing Page Development

I recently did a landing page for one of my local Greenville SC clients, Tidewater Lumber. Tidewaters site is on Volusion so custom development isnt exactly easy or streamlined. Volusion is a slighty dated SaaS platform and it’s pretty strict when it comes to back-end changes and the template system isnt the easiest to work with. The traditional layout of … Read More

eCommerce Website Platforms Simplified

One of the hurdles new entrepreneurs face is deciding on a platform to build their eCommerce business. With so many options to choose from it’s a pretty daunting task to sort thru each platforms features and which platform does what feature best. There are plenty of resources online that breaks down individual features so I’m going to stray away from … Read More

Common Shopify eCommerce Design Mistakes

Shopify alone doesn’t equal success. I cant count how many times I’ve had a message or call from a new eCommerce store owner that invested in Shopify and cant figure out how to get their first organic sale. Most of the time these young business owners are led on by the Shopify websites brilliant marketing and sales pitch text. They … Read More

Trials of a Freelance Web Designer

I had a discussion with a associate the other day about making the transition from employee to a self employed freelancer. He’s fairly new to web development and doesn’t have a lot of real world web design experience under his belt. He had a few questions that I could offer some insight on! His questions basically boil down to; How … Read More