Domain Names Do Matter

EMD History: Anyone who follows the SEO world remembers late 2011, 2012 when Google rolled out Exact Match Domain penalties. These updates were meant to curb spam websites who would setup keyword rich domains to rank higher than legit sites. … Read More

Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard

I picked up a Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard last week from and just wanted to do a quick review. After using a MK320 Logitech Wireless keyboard for over a year. I wanted to try out a mechanical keyboard. After … Read More

Spotibo – SEO Audit Tool

Spotibo is a new SEO review and on-page audit tool being developed by a team of developers in Slovakia, central Europe. There’s a lot of SEO tools around the internet and a new one pops up every day. Most of … Read More

WordPress Website Security

There’s nothing worse then investing thousands of dollars and countless hours into a WordPress website then ending up having it hacked, ruined and blacklisted from search engines. Yes. If your website is infected with malware and Google detects it. They … Read More

SEO Tips for Upstate SC Home Builders

Upstate SC Home Contractors – Get Ahead! Optimizing SEO (Search engine optimization) can be a powerful tool for any upstate South Carolina contractor or residential home builder with a website. As the best contractor website designer in Upstate South Carolina. … Read More

Website Cost & Budgets

Whats a good website budget? Where do you come up with the numbers? One of the most frequent questions I get is; What goes into developing a website and what’s a good base range for the cost? Well, to get … Read More

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